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Press Release: 4/25/2017 from Jon Eicher, CEO, Specialized Composites, Inc.    

After several years of R&D work I have finished my new line of patented Carbon Fiber Cases which are now available to purchase for the ultimate in rugged, lightweight mobility at or  

Innovative, featherweight and built to last, these carbon fiber cases offer a new way to carry your possessions in a hard shell case.  Carbon fiber cases are tough, can be knocked around, and are applicable to a wide range of everyday uses.   The cases are engineered to meet Air Transport Association Specification 300 Category 1 (ATA Spec. 300 Cat.1) and Military Standard 810-G.  Similar to messenger bags, the cases are easy to carry and use.  

Carbon fiber it is an environmentally friendly advanced composite material that is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.  It is used in low volume ultra high performance applications like space vehicles, super cars, racing yachts and sporting goods.  An expensive, labor intensive material to process, carbon fiber requires a laboratory like manufacturing environment, and yet is the material of choice when applied to applications on the fringes of material science.  These cases are state of the art in materials, process and construction.  

Available first are Cygnus and Gemini.  They are small carrying cases that have enough interior space to lightly carry some things for a day in the city, riding a bike around town, a hike in the woods or as a carry-on case for your next airplane flight.    

Designed to be as lightweight as possible you can feel the difference in weight from conventional materials.  A matt finish on the carbon fiber with black oxide hardware creates a durable nonreflective appearance.     

A removable and adjustable lightweight shoulder strap allows several ways to carry the cases.  Custom made buckles and hinges securely fasten the clam shell style hard cases in a carbon fiber and ultraviolet (UV) resistant bio-epoxy composite structure designed for maximum strength and rigidity.    

Beautifully crafted, these  aerospace grade carbon fiber cases are 100% handmade.  They have a limited lifetime warranty.  A superior Made in USA product, that I personally designed, and build, your purchase helps support American manufacturing like my company Specialized Composites, Inc.. For more information you can reach me at, call +1-703-945-4690 or visit our websites at or